A Look At Online Casinos In Malaysia And Russia

Like the United States, Malaysia does not permit online gambling of any type. However, there are many unlicensed and unregulated operators that run casinos in the country. Customers join these casinos to wager on the games offered. Known as “mini-casinos”, these establishments are illegal and on the radar of law enforcement officials. Recently, five mini-casinos were raided and eliminated by police on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.

Noise Complaints

Business owners called the police reporting that these mini-casinos operate around the clock thus disturbing the surrounding businesses and residences. The police force had these establishments under observation for approximately a week before the raids. Police operatives had to conduct this operation with caution because if the perpetrators suspected their presence, they would have switched to other servers, hiding their tracks.

The Arrests

Five individuals between the ages of 25 and 35 were arrested with 65 computers being seized. Also, there were six customers detained for questioning. An officer revealed that one of the casino’s jackpot games had bets totaling almost RM 200,000.

The Russian Casino Issue

The online gambling problem in Russia is still largely a mystery. One publication reported an online casino had been eliminated by the police. This began a chain of rumors across all online gaming forums. Most of the rumors entailed a well-known operator as the center of attention. However, this operator continues to run the casino so it is a mystery as to whether the casino had been discontinued.

An Inside Source

Shortly after, the publication claimed that they receive information directly from a Russian Ministry of the Interior Spokesperson who notified the media that the online gaming site generated 200,000 Couples ($7,000) each day. According to the Spokesperson, the legal issue was beyond the gaming services provided. Instead, the operator is alleged to be involved in money laundering through foreign financial institutions.

Over the past ten years in operation, the online casino is said to have profited hundreds of millions of dollars illegally. The owner has allegedly been taken into custody with five employees while computer equipment was seized along with 27 million Roubles in cash.

Illegal casinos in Malaysia appear to be a large problem in the country. The police force seems to have their hands full. Due to the unreliable source of the Russia report, it is unclear whether any of these arrests and casino shutdowns has actually occurred.

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